Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Toni Afterthought

Had a bad evening last night with feeling isolated, left out ... Bobby called to say he was having drinks with some of the people from his new job. David at the gym. Kevin sitting hollering at his Xbox. This after a weekend when everywhere the guys went, they would say, 'Oh! Did you want to go?' as they were headed out the door. I mean, I'm standing there with hag hair & shredded jeans, paint all over my arms, shit drying on my desk, did it matter if I wanted to go? I want to be asked in advance, I guess, not just be an afterthought. So I said that -- "Hey, shoot, how 'bout you guys give me some advance idea of your plans, so I have the option of going without keeping everybody waiting, or being in the middle of a canvas!"


Veronica said...

Oh honey you are never alone. You know my phone number all you have to do is call it hang up I will call your right back. I will always be here for you don't ever forget that.
now that art speaks volumes.....