Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Miss V scared me yesterday, just making a joke in one of her emails to me -- she said, 'Wait til you hit menopause full stride -- you'll be wearing a chastity belt!' Jeez cripe!!! (as my Uncle Sonny would say) ... so this is my 10-minute art from last night. I'm not going there, I'm not surrendering to that 'oh it's my hormones wah wah wah' crap. It's just about hormone adjustment, probably some dietary tweaks, and 100% about ATTITUDE. My libido is my business and not the property or domain of Mutha Menopause. I think women need to have conversations more directed toward 'here's what I do and it helps this way, or that way' and not just laugh and shrug as if becoming a libido-less walking cadaver for the last 3 decades of life is unavoidable. [Then again, there are many many women who can't wait to have an excuse, any excuse, not to 'have' to have sex. They are a species unknown to me and I don't want to go near any of them for fear it might be contagious.]


Veronica said...

I am telling you ... you can have all the conversations you want with mutha menopause and it will not work she will come at you no matter what!!!!!!
But the nice thing is when she goes away fun can happen all the time anytime. It is just really really bad when she is coming at you hot and heavy. lol