Monday, October 22, 2007

Inchies (Success!)

Trying again to stick to the parameters -- finished this much so far. I like them, they feel 'clean', and I've been following Mom's suggestion to just do one, maybe two, every day. I am trying NOT to rely on easy solutions like slapping down stickers. And for this Ace paint brochure, I'm following the name of the paint color, trying to do something related. My favorite on this page is Casa Blanca. It's not that doing these is 'mindless', but I find when I'm working on them (I do more than 1 or 2, usually), I'm mentally elsewhere, usually in whatever landscape the music I'm playing sends me to. I was listening to Memoirs of a Geisha when I worked on this page, mostly thinking about the movie. So doing 'inchies' may be a perfect, pure form of relaxation for me -- making art without concentrating on art. Kinda weird.


Veronica said...

these are so neat..... where on earth did you get that book at???

Toni said...

It's a paint brochure from Ace Hardware.