Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mystery Gift

This book awaited me in my mailbox when I got home tonight -- does anybody want to claim responsibility so I can shower you with love & kisses & squeals & my best rendition of a Snoopy Dance?


twinsand2boys said...

I hope you figure out who sent it to you. Ive never heard of that book...youll have to let us know if its a good one.

Veronica said...

okay you can shower me with hugs and

I can't claim responsibility..but hey I never turn down hugs and kisses

Toni said...

V!!!! I wasn't going to blow your cover, but I compared the handwriting on the inside cover of the book with everything you've written to me, so I busted ya!! But I thought you wanted to be a secret admirer (hee hee!)

I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!! Also, I had just (the night before) finished reading Poemcrazy, so I was wondering what to read next. You continue to have the doggonedest amazing timing!

Did I mention that I love you?


Veronica said...

Oh boy after all that I would be like mwah big time...but seriously not

hummmmm me thinks there may be a V wanna B...hahahahahahahahahahaha I slay myself.

I have everything done on the mermaid but her hair and her tippy top of her tail. Ack bead work.... my poor fingers have glue on them and my fingers are sticking to the key board. I found a whole tackle box thingy (thanks big daddy) full of those seed beads I forgot I had. Then of course for the tippy tale my girl had to have bella baubles on her tail. oh my god...big daddy found me the cutest boobs for her top... I had my choice pointy, original, saggy and madonna pointy... I choice just plain ole perky for her boobs. I love love love my mermaid doll.... he even found me mini shells...woo hooo you too but seriously NOT ME....mwah