Saturday, December 29, 2007

Process - The Saga Continues (Please Pass a Kleenex)

Sustenance FIRST this time around. Food from the Gods: chile relleno, rice, beans, a flour tortilla, and lots & lots of toppings -- hot carrots, jalapenos, onions, guacomole, hot red chile sauce. I can eat Mexican food every day, all day long, every meal, and never get tired of it. Guess Phoenix is a great place to be for that! Today's materials. I don't really need the MuthaBlades. I just brought them along for moral support, and to let this bag of batting know who's boss. Today's Distraction For The Sewing Impaired (Double BB had to work). And the sewing begins, starting with the tail. Looks like the back end of a chicken that endured a nuclear meltdown. What it really is is that I didn't leave myself enough of an open seam to turn it right-side-out, so now I have to poke & prod with this paintbrush to get it all turned around before I can stuff it. God. I took this picture, then sat down and burst into tears. THIS JUST IS NOT WHAT I WANTED!!!! Not because the sewing is horrible or whatever, just because it doesn't look right. I felt this coming, the big waterworks episode. All this work and it's still wrong wrong wrong!
It's not that the cat isn't cute. It IS cute. That's the problem, in a nutshell. It's supposed to be Picasso-Esque, sleek, more contemporary. One of the two pictures I kept referring back to for my 'model' (patterns, interaction of patterns, not cat shape.) The other 'model' for patterns, layout. See how 'clean' it is? Sheldon, anyway, is ecstatic. "HiyooOOOO, Gato!" Yea, please -- ride that hideous cat into the sunset, go ahead!! Here, let me open the gate. Just leave me the kleenex.


Veronica said...

okay first off
that sheldon is making me
I think I better go get one to get over my phobia of you know a guy
next hate hate hate mexican food... can't stand it give me italian food anyday, but never mexican unless it is taco bell.

next.... now I follow the blue paper thing. I can't wait to see this piece done.

cool looking where is the ally cat's trash can?