Friday, December 28, 2007

Process-Friday's 2nd Wind-Studio Bonding

Ever since Sheldon ratted me out and told the Picasso-Esque Cat I might not use him in the piece, they've been inseparable. BMF [(best male friends - & in Sheldon's case, I use the term 'male' very VERY loosely!] Zoe finds it all quite perplexing. Is it a cat or isn't it? Is it a guy, or isn't it? Where's that flat, lukewarm Coors Light when a feline needs it? Hey, I may be sewing-impaired, but I know from pinking shears, Man! I was a Campfire Girl! And I was in Joann's one day with a 50%-Off-One-Full-Priced-Item coupon when everything I really wanted was already on sale. Yea, pinking shears -- hefty boogers, ain't they? I might start wearing these around my neck. I have to say, a sewing-impaired wench such as myself sure doesn't feel so sewing-impaired with these in hand. Nope, not at all. This is good. This is very very good. I hereby dub these the "MuthaBlades". "A trimmin' we will go, a trimmin' we will go ..." but not! Zoe took one look at the MuthaBlades and disappeared under my studio desk. Even a tough, beat-up alley Picasso-Esque Cat doesn't argue with pinking shears. Voila! A trimmed cat, with plenty of room (for error?) around the area for the seam. Houston, we may have a problem. SHITE! I don't think I left enough of an edge on the right side of Sir Cat's head. Well, I guess if the stuffing oozes out, we can blame it on some alley fight over fish trimmings in a greasy piece of newspaper, right? Here is the trimmed cat, outlined on the second piece of muslin. Come hither, MuthaBlades. Nice kitty. Zoe loves May. Kiss. Lick. But she thinks Sheldon is weird. [That's a lie. I can't lie to you. I dipped May's head in the flat, lukewarm Coors Light bottle Double BB left on my desk. Zoe loves flat, lukewarm Coors Light, that's what Zoe loves. And soy milk, in case you wanted to make a donation to the "I Live With An Anatomically Incorrect Wooden Mannequin - Help! Me!" fund.] If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Easily done with enough flat, lukewarm Coors Light in your furry belly. Actually? I need a cold one.