Monday, December 24, 2007


Mornin'. I've slept on it, Dear Readers, and though it pains me to the core, I must say that I still don't like the cat. I mean, I like that cat, but it doesn't fit my visual idea for the canvas. Houston, we have a problem. Maybe it's the challenge of digesting microwaved hotdogs while one sleeps. Maybe it's the result of all those psychotic dreams caused by badly digesting microwaved hotdogs. Maybe it's the cartoon-esque dimensions of my left index finger this morning. Maybe it's the fact that this morning I have to make a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles to provide (for the umpteenth time) my proof of insurance so my suspended registration will be unsuspended. Maybe it's the mountain of dishes awaiting me upon my return -- you know, the ones I've been ignoring for two days because I'm sewing impaired and sewing requires my undivided attention? Maybe it's because there are so many dirty dishes on the counter that I couldn't muster the energy to move them and unblock the coffee maker, so I haven't had my delicious Ghirardelli coffee yet this morning.Meanwhile, for now, I leave you with a cell phone picture of Ciera and The Flake, taken and forwarded by Chris, which made me laugh out loud and feel better. I'll keep reminding myself: It looks like a cat! And maybe if I get my registration restored, & listen to some James Brown while I wash the dishes then soak my sore poor left index digit in some ice water, I'll figure out what to do next -- keep the cat? Or start again.

Stay tuned.


Veronica said...

oh what a cute little girl I love that look on her face... I will be sending out her canvas on Wednesday