Monday, December 3, 2007

Creations by Rick

This is a gift to me from Veronica's husband, "Big Daddy" (AKA Rick) - could anything be more completely, more absolutely tailored to my favorite things? Colors, embellishments, even the rubber stamps he chose. Geez, and he and Veronica were trying to convince me in advance that it sucked, that he's color blind. V was even sending me separate e-mails telling me how 'bad' it was (at Rick's nudging), but 'could I please be nice when I emailed him about it'. I tell ya, I smelled a BIG RAT, cuz he was doing things over so many times, & cuz I know he's a perfectionist. So I never quite bought into that tale. This is INCREDIBLE!!! From what I understand, Veronica and Rick were in a Lowe's or Home Depot, where they happened upon this process being demonstrated. Rick watched, then looked at Miss V and said, 'Wouldn't Toni just die if I did one of those for her?' Well, YEA! He's never done anything like this before -- what a natural! This is perfection -- I mean the surface of the resin is completely even, clean, not a single mar. All the layers are so perfectly aligned, such a sense of the dimensions. And the little watch is still running (on Virginia time, which I just love!!). All of these photos are by Veronica - she shot them when Rick finished, but held off posting them until I'd received the package. I LOVE SURPRISES, so she didn't want to spoil it for me! Below: some of the details. My favorite quote (since the age of 14) is by Anais Nin: "We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are." Rick included that on this tray. Can you see the ballerina that Rick altered? And the grid where the young lady in lingerie is lounging? I LOVE that part! The flowers in the upper right-hand corner are atop the resin, nestled against the wood. My name is in there, too, in black and gold, and the word 'dream' (which is one of my favorites because I have such vivid dreams all the time). I keep looking & looking at this and finding more nuances which are making me just grin & grin!


Veronica said...


He was so worried that you wouldn't like it. I am going to tell him as soon as he gets back to go to your blog and read this post.

It took THREE yes you heard me THREE trays to make it right. Oh wait four the first one was wayyyyyyy too small.

At least 7 or 8 trips to Michaels and ACMOORE... not including the online stores he shopped at.

He wanted it to be perfect for his sister in law.

mwah love you to the moon