Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Laptop Time!!

When I first started using my laptop, which I've named 'Syria' (black as night and exotic, to me = I'm still figuring out how to use it!!), my lovely Feline Muse decided her place was ON the keyboard. We've been 'discussing' that every evening for several weeks now. Eventually she settled, for a time, for laying just to the left of the keyboard with her face up against it, whiskers overlaying it, and one paw on my left wrist at all times. She DID surrender, entirely, her attempts to chase and catch the cursor.

But now, whenever she see me reach up on the shelf to pull down my laptop case, when she hears the zipper, she comes out from wherever she's lounging (usually in her adored maroon Pottery Barn bag, which we've nicknamed "Zoe's Penthouse"), leaps to the studio desk surface, and waits for me to plug in and get comfie in my chair. When THAT happens, then it's laptop time for ZOE.

She first must sharpen her claws on my jeans (her contribution to their distressed effect), then turn 4,728,931 circles (which reminds me of every canine I've ever owned or known!) before she lowers herself down and proceeds with her evening wash. In the meantime, I'm kind of hugging her, squishing her a bit, with my arms on either side trying to reach the keyboard, and usually I can't see anything until she decides to lay down.

At last, she passes out completely, wedged kind of up/under my tummy roll (yes, I have a tummy roll, wanna take it outside & discuss it further?, and upside down with all four chocolate pawlets in the air, or else her left one over her eyes. The only time she wakes up after that is if I get on Veronica's blog. Zoe and I cannot seem to remember that Veronica has songs queued up on her blog, and even though I've adjusted my volume, when the song starts playing it scares both Zoe and me out of our fur. Zoe merely stretches, makes two or three positional adjustments, and instantly passes out again. I have to exhale slowly for 20 seconds to bring my heart rate back down, then I can continue reading.

Then the two of us are just dandy, snoozing and browsing, until Double BB comes in, at which point Zoe bolts upright and directly to her 'corner' of the studio desk and assumes "Samurai Zoe" poses in order to air-box Bobby. I'm serious; the girl is UPRIGHT on her back legs, stretched to her full height and poofed out as poofed as she can get, swinging, ducking, tagging and dancing. What a crack up!!!!

Ah, pets, they really do get their humans trained, don't they?


Veronica said...

oh how funny.... I will put a quieter song first so it won't say

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