Sunday, December 16, 2007

Study of Kevin

While over at Cam and Chris' yesterday, Cam sat with me and showed me how to use my Mutha of a Digicam, from Veronica and Rick. So today, in-between naps (cuz I feel like crapola, have a cold), I've been experimenting. These are shots I took of my youngest male child, Kevin.Kevin was putting his Xbox football game on pause and 'allowing' me 30 seconds per 'shoot', worth every second cuz I can't believe my eyes (or my heart) when I look at these images.If you click on the picture above, to enlarge it, you can see the unique amber color of Kevin's eyes. Of course because I'm his Mom, I think he's stunning. But I can also step back, separate myself somewhat from that, and still just be blown away by his features, his cheekbones, the shape of his mouth, and especially his eyes -- you can't see their amber, "I'm trouble" glint in these shots, but OHHHHHH is it ever there.