Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Page by Page

WAITING FOR ME IN THE MAIL LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! This is Volume 2 of a 'zine' being lovingly created by Samantha Kira Harding at http://blog.journalgirl.com/. The articles and art work focus on visual journaling, tools, techniques, inspiration. I inhaled it as I lay kicked back in a nice hot bubble bath -- all my guys were off at various basketball activities. Ahhhhhh, a quiet house, Corinne Bailey Rae on the CD player, several candles lit, & a new publication focused on my favorite subject! JOURNALING! [including, no less, an interview with one of my faves in the blog/vlog world: SUZIBLU!!!]

On Samantha's blog, she has asked for anyone interested to submit pitches for regular columns; and submissions are also invited. Do it! C'mon! We all have something to contribute, I just know it! As for me, I'm inspired to the point that yesterday (even before I read the zine), I began an article which I intend to submit. Journaling having been my life since the age of 14 (THIRTY-TWO YEARS AGO, ACK!!!) , I believe I might have some ideas relevant to how to keep-on-keeping-on! And the 'visual' aspect is still so new to me that I'm making discoveries left and right, thanks to blog sites and books and the exceedingly generous efforts of folks such as Ms. Samantha and this zine.