Saturday, December 29, 2007

Process Through The Pain

I knew if I didn't continue, I'd give up. I don't give up, so I continued. It's a perfect fit. Whew. So now I need to start papering the background onto the canvas. Blue papers - scrap heap. Even though I plan to stitch the stuffed cat down to the canvas, I still want the canvas 'finished' behind it.
Now I have to lay down origami paper within the patterns I've drawn behind the cat. When the stuffed cat goes down, the lines have to align. Oofda. Stoopid artistic visions, anyway! Sewing! Lined up fabric and origami paper patterns! I mean! The origami patterns are slow going, trying to get the outline shapes, trying to align everything. It looks like a flat out mess to me right now. I won't let Zoe, Sheldon or May see yet. Can you see where I'm trying to line up the fabric patterns on the cat with the origami paper? Well, I can. But not very well -- I'm cross-eyed from all that sewing, all this paper lining up. I need to go take a bubbly hot bath, read some of my Mystery Gift Book [Alicia, was it you?], and go to sleep. And take a cat-break tomorrow, I think. Yes, yes ... a cat-break. Definitely. Or I'm going to start lighting matches and throwing them at this canvas!


Veronica said...

hummm not following you here? Is the blue paper going to be on the canvas?