Thursday, December 6, 2007


THIS ONE! THIS IS THE ONE THAT STUMPED ME! I have this planet's most overactive (& tending toward twisted) imagination, but this put Toni on pause. A LOOOONG pause. This image conjures quite a few things for me, none of them having to do with 'lollygag'.

When in doubt, look it up. "Lollygag: "dawdle, dally," 1862, lallygag, Amer.Eng., perhaps from dial. lolly "tongue" + gag "deceive, trick"

I needed some time. I left Zoe with instructions to mull it over, too. Then I took a break to go do some dishes.

Now because I'm a Ciera Beara addict, I have pictures of Ciera Beara everywhere in my house, taped up or framed or loosely tucked into this, that or the other thing. So there I am, doing dishes & boogeying along with the Knack singing 'My Sharona', when I glance up and see Miss Ciera Beara's grinnin' lil face in a picture tucked into a basket above the sink.

And that's when it hit me, the AHA moment!

'Her eyelashes are so long that when she blinks, they seem to lollygag against her cheeks.'


Huh? EH? Darn right! Now I'll never think of 'lollygag' the same way - how about you?

Zoe, by the way, was no help at all. She simply wanted to know if I'd gotten all my things out of her walk-in closet.


Veronica said...

oh is that ever so true. I love her lashes. lollygag to me means just doing nothing just enjoying the moment.

nina said...

denzel washington, huh? how can you ever leave the house?!
glad to see that you are having such fun with simple word and imagery play...and i've ordered my one-day shipping poem crazy from amazon to take with me to ocracoke. thanks, toni...x