Friday, December 28, 2007

Toni's Wax Museum

Voila, my 'wax' station. The little strawberry-shaped scented-oil heating thingie is a 99-cent store purchase that I used for my wax for almost a year. This was made possible by the fact that I wasn't much using wax, and I wanted a chance to fool around with it to see if I liked it before I committed to a fancier melting appliance. The melting pot behind it actually contains my embossing enamel, not wax. I was initially going to get another just like it for wax. But then I watched The Effervescent SuziBlu's video about wax techniques/usage, and I noticed Ms. SuziBlu uses a crock pot. I thought, "That woman is not only effervescent but brilliant." True story. Anyway, I most definitely don't need a full sized crockpot to melt entire blocks of honey-scented wax. So instead I hunted down a mini, 2-quart number at Walgreens [10 bucks] and dumped all my wax pellets in it. I'm finishing up what's in the candle burner thingie then using it when I want to add a PearlEx powder to some wax, so it all doesn't get mixed up together. P.S. I want to marry SuziBlu. Because she's effervescent and brilliant. Because she eats applesauce out of the jar and loves Soy Milk. But mostly because I covet her cat, Pooh. Zoe does, too, covets Pooh that is. And some of the soy milk.


Veronica said...

I use my suze weinburg thingy thank goodness I have two pots now one for UTEE and one for wax but I am lovin the idea of the smaller ones for color wax... great idea there girl