Thursday, December 27, 2007

& Where is the Picasso-Esque Cat, you ask?

Ok, ok, OKAAAAYYYUH! I know, not a very elegant shelving of the beast. But here's the deal: the next step is another sewing marathon for me, and remember? I'm sewing impaired and still sporting cartoon digits from the last needle-&-thread fest. I have to trace the cat onto another piece of muslin, only larger, so I can sew the two pieces together then stuff them -- then Mr. Cat becomes a poofy somewhat 3-dimensional rendition of a Picasso-Esque creature.

That's the vision, anyway.

But I've never tangled with batting (or other stuffing materials) -- to say I'm intimidated is not saying enough -- sewing AND stuffing? Blatherskite artistic visions, anyway! So I decided to take the past 4 days (& tomorrow, too) to focus on some Sewing Fitness Training: triple my carb intake & pump a lot of iron & squeeze those hand thingies you can squeeze to fortify your hand strength. I also dug out my thimbles. Smart me. Sheldon & May have been playing catch with one of them. [Zoe slapped another one under my studio desk - that would be her way of saying, "It's mine now. Neener."]

This way, see, I'll be in fighting shape to continue the Cat-Process this upcoming 4-day weekend. Really smart me. Not to mention that I've also stocked some real food (still microwaveable) to eat instead of hot dogs. And I'm checking the Travel Channel for another Anthony Bourdain 'No Reservations' marathon. Very important.

So stay tuned. And remember: it does, at least, look like a cat.


twinsand2boys said...

Cant wait to see the finished cat! My sewing machine all of a sudden decided its not going to work anymore. I hope to get my brother to fix it for me...its older than i am LOL. Happy New Year to yoU!

Veronica said...

hey what a funny fraudian or how every you spell it...did you see the nine lives cat food next to picaso cat???hahahah

i love your cat