Thursday, December 6, 2007

Letter from Unk Ray

Below, the card -- does Unk know me, or what? Actually, my 3 bros & I are alike when it comes to our affliction ... no no, AFFECTION .... for gatos! so cat-cards are a no-brainer.Erin & Deb's kids -- Wee Miss Katie, atop (look, will ya just LOOK, at those peepers?!!, & her bro', the prank-a-liscious Kai [for whom Double BB has a particular affection].

Erin (in stocking cap, & in Superhero disguise), her partner, Deb (by day, & as the witch but no she isn't! Deb rocks!), and the young'uns on Halloween.
Unk, Aunt Marti, my cuz BJ

Unk is traditionally regarded by my bros' and myself as the Real Family Artist. But that's a whole other blog entry. Aunt Marti ... y'know, it's so odd and wonderful, because every time I think of Aunt Marti, I get a flash of myself in a green dress with little gold round buttons, holding her hand when she married Unk. Gawd!! I thought she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen ... and that remains the sensation I carry with me about Aunt Marti. She is ... of the earth. Period. I don't know Miss BJ very well, alas, so I can't spill the beans on any of her secret skeletons or tell you if she prefers apple over cherry pie, but she's been a hoot when we HAVE met.


Veronica said...

what a cool looking family