Monday, December 17, 2007

Some o'the Crew

I took my Mutha of a Digicam to work today, and terrorized some of the crew guys who were going on road trips, when they came in to get their travel advance money. You can really tell who is a) comfortable in front of a camera and b) comfortable with me (as opposed to those who aren't!) What a trip! This is Jorge, who let me hold him as he cried after his brother Gilberto died. His daughter, Andrea, is who I made the Tinkerbell Quinceanero canvas for. Jorge's nickname is Shuggy Bear -- he is just so cool, so gentle a guy, always ready to tease me and usually always smiling.
This is Jorge and Gilberto's brother, Chago (ha!) who said, 'No! No fotos!' and ducked his head. No surprise to me whatsoever, though. And he laughed, a BIG one, when I showed him this pic.
This is Oscar M., who wouldn't let me take his picture until he'd gone out to the truck to switch out his hard hat for his cowboy hat. Men! Eesh. He has really cool gray-ish eyes, and is a bonafide gentleman - even the other crew guys say so.
Really a shame THIS one is so dark -- this is Oliverio, and Oliverio is pretty cute. He's one of those finely chiseled guys, not too tall, very cut features, perfect mouth. He's NOT a morning person, tho', so I was amazed to get this big cheesy grin out of him.
This is Oscar C. The guys call him 'Catchaton' (or some such) ... Spanish for chipmunk, due to his cheeks. Very bright guy, studied to be a priest then decided, er, NOT! Loves to sing, strolls about the office singing at the top of his lungs (good voice, anyway).
This is Martin. Can't see him, you say? Ha! I know. He didn't want his picture taken AT ALL! I posted this cuz the neon stripes on his safety vest make me laugh!


Veronica Rosenshein said...

These guys look like they would be so much fun to work with. What wonderful smiles they all have ...well all but the one hiding