Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday process

Distraction for the Sewing-Impaired. I've got a long stretch of needle-&-thread ahead of me today. The only way I'm going to persevere is if I don't have to think too much about the needle-&-thread part. Sewing scares the bejeezuz out of me, I'm just putting that out there.
Double BB, in work mode (his form of artistic expression) contributes [more than is healthy for progress on process] to my list of Distractions-for-the-Sewing-Impaired. Yes. Distraction. Serious distraction. Even in sweat pants. [Hey! Those are my camping sweats, my cold-weather jammies!] Double BB continues the kitchen ceiling plastering saga. That means he has rights to the livingroom TV. That means my other plan for sewing-impaired distraction [that would be the DVD's] is out the window. That leaves only Double BB for distraction. And I wanted to make some progress on my process today. Uh oh. Today's materials, laid out on the bed because, as it turns out, Double BB has indeed laid claim to the livingroom TV (& DVD player), to catch some westerns as he works on the kitchen ceiling. So I'm in the bedroom with a non-functioning remote, & a needle-&-thread project that isn't going to allow me to jump up & down to change channels ... so, as I'm still in need of a distraction alternative to Double BB, what shall I watch? Home & Garden channel? The Travel Channel? Still have a few of the pattern shapes to sew on. One hour later, and Ladies and Gentlemen: WE HAVE A CAT! All the patterned fabric is sewn on. And it looks like a cat. Hmmm. Like the patterns. LOVE the ears. And I really think it looks like an alley cat (rather -- er -- beat up, as if it's survived more than a few fights over the alley trash can contents.) All of Picasso's patterns are outlined in black, to set them off and also separate them. So I'm outlining all the pattern shapes in blue yarn, sewn on with fishing line (clear) so the 'threading' doesn't show. Remember: a) The Bobfather is color blind, so he will just see 'dark outline' and b) you don't know yet what the canvas background colors will be, do you? All right then. Patience. Trust. I love the ears. I loved the eyes, too, until Bobby said, "Is there a reason why the eyes are different colors?" I had a Big Doubt Moment at that point. Then I remembered this is a Picasso-Esque cat, and none of the cats I remember looking at by Picasso had the same color -- anything! The patterns are good. But I'm mostly flat-out disappointed. It just looks like "My First Quilting Effort", raggedy, not at all the crisp outlines of the patterns I was hoping for (the Picasso effect). Then again, I've been sewing for 8 hours, 48 minutes and 18 seconds. I used 8 yards of blue yarn and 11 yards of invisible fishing twine which didn't turn out to be so invisible. All I've eaten today are 2 microwaved hot dogs and that was 5 hours ago. I have 11,000 pin pricks on my thimble-absent fingertips. The best part of this experience was the 5-episode Anthony Bourdain 'No Reservations' marathon I watched on the Travel Channel. Therefore, given my extremely low blood sugar and lightbulb sized index and pointer fingers, perhaps right now isn't the best time for me to assess today's progress, right? It DOES, at least, look like a cat.


Veronica said...

ha!!!!!! I see double B's BUTT

next time tighter jeans please

Toni said...

If you see Double BB's butt in tight jeans, you may never recover. I'm not sure I can accept responsibility for that. I will tell you, though, that I always tell HIM I married him just to have his butt in the family.
mmmmmm. (Did I say that!)(ALL THE TIME!!)