Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lady of the Lake (for Veronica)

I had prayed for you for a lifetime.
I wanted such simple things -
a sister, a soul-friend,
a raucous sense of humor,
an artist, a reader, a
fellow Francophile,
someone who could balance me,
motivate me, calm me,
& meet me halfway.

It never occurred to me
to mention things like country,
race, religion, creed, or
any such irrelevant nonsense,

Please may I not always be alone anymore?
Please is there someone out there to be
my mentor, my shoulder, my shared cup of coffee?
Please can't I connect at the core to HER?

Her, she, YOU.

The universe took its time while I fretted &
worried about being undeserving.
How silly am I!
Of course it would take this long for YOU!
The universe dropped its nets,
sifted the
oxygenated currents of universal waters,
dredged the richest loam at every depth,
slowly summoned you,
drew you,
formed you, found you piece by necessary piece,
deep treasures of laughter &
steadiness, jazz-loving & 100% raw honest.

The universe has given me,
in you,
everything I asked for
and everything I didn't know I needed, too,
along with two hundred million surprises
like hidden singing seashells
twinkling under the water of our friendship,
still waiting for me to discover.

I love you so much.
I am grateful for you out loud every moment.
I am blessed with you.
I feel enveloped by the universe via
your voice, your words, your art, your
hilarity, your encouragement, your smile,
your enthusiasm, your ideas, your PRESENCE.

My world is here; you brought it.


Veronica Rosenshein said...

oh my god, I am bawling my eyes out now. Oh my god oh my god oh my god...that is the nicest bestest oh my god anything anyone has ever done for me other than BD. oh god toni i just have to print this out and post it somewhere in my house. I love it oh god wow....i am totally freaking speechless

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