Sunday, December 9, 2007

Who Am I?

Oh, an exhausted me today. I slept until 8:50 this morning - me, Miss 4:45 a.m. like clockwork without the clock. I ran into the door jamb on my way to the bathroom, I ran into the doorjamb on my way into the studio as Zoe escaped OUT of the studio (where she sleeps at night) and I just watched, blurry with sleep, as she scampered off, furry heinie flying. I almost missed my studio chair trying to sit down, after I captured the runaway feline & filled my coffee mug. Then I very importantly sat in the studio chair staring at my row of variously-edged scissors hanging from nails, trying to remember my name, date of birth, and social security number. When none of that information was readily forthcoming, I shrugged, sipped coffee with vanilla caramel creamer, and idly diddled around with journal pages. I can't begin to tell you what any of them look like except bright colors -- I seem to remember bright colors! At 12:30, I surrendered and went back to bed, sleeping soundly and roundly and without dreaming (also NOT like me at all) until 3:30. I'd probably still be asleep if David and Kevin hadn't decided to have a 'conversation' by means of shouting to each other from opposite ends of the house. Not even Bobby sanding the kitchen ceiling in preparation for retexturing penetrated my sleep prior to the shouted dialogue. But ok, the boys woke me up in time to watch two episodes of Design on a Dime, one episode of Divine Design, and then the Top Chef Holiday Challenge. I stayed in bed under as many blankets as I could find, because Bobby had the front and back door open, along with all the windows. Ok, we're celebrating 'cool' out here being as normally it's over 100, but today was maybe 25 degrees (or at least it felt that way), so I seriously wondered if he'd lost his mind! Finally, he fell into a snooze on the sofa so I stealthily shut all doors and windows and made my way back here to the studio, where I stared at my row of variously-edged scissors hanging from their nails, and still couldn't remember my name. I thought that might be a familiar 'zone' to some of you out there and thought I'd share. Now I think I'm going back to bed.


Veronica Rosenshein said...

sounds like someone needs extra sleep. Sometimes you just have those days where no matter what you just want to veg out under covers and sleep forever. I love to watch movies and hide under a big fat goose down comforter. R and I have one that we have had for years and love it. I just grab that and pull it up to my chin and stay there until I am good and ready to come out.

twinsand2boys said...

I love my sleep and would love to stay under covers and hang out. You watched the kinds of shows I like to watch too.