Thursday, December 13, 2007

Needed: One Very Special Child-Size Chef's Apron

Here is last night's email from my bro', Chris:

"Ciera helped me make dinner tonite. She just loves cooking. She's a natural.

We did fresh Tilapia fish filets. I let her dunk the filets in egg/milk then into a crust of cornmeal, salt, pepper, and sesame seeds. She prepped everything with me.

We also made couscous with fresh garlic and onions. Cool thing, she loves the smell of garlic and will eat it straight up.

Then I let her peel the organic carrots and slice them with the Big Knife, which is a real honor for her (to use the Big Knife). We also had pea pods. She's like me, she eats half of everything she preps!

We are trying to get her to like fish but she didnt eat much of it. Darn it!

Gonna take more time with fish. I thought using a whole bottle of sesame seeds would do the trick, but she still didn't go too much for it."
Can anyone recommend a site where I could find a gorgeous, very special HOMEMADE apron for a 6-year-old? Please please leave it either as a comment, or email me at



Veronica Rosenshein said...

oh my god I know where you can get her a apron that is adorable

just look for the kids aprons they are adorable or williams sonoma has some too.