Friday, December 7, 2007

Two Birds with One Writing Exercise

Came home after a typical Friday (I hate Friday's) and decided to combine a writing exercise with my need for stress relief/release. I've been 'collecting words', as suggested in Poemcrazy ... I'm giving you exactly what I wrote, no editing except I'm only typing up the first 20. [My list went up to 50 just because once I started, suddenly words/connections flew from my fingertips. I may have to type these exercises or eventually lose the use of my writing hand!]

I shriek clothespins.
I channel paperweights.
I awaken crows.
I shed alarm clocks.
I finish allergy pills.
I scream magnets.
I unroll pirouettes.
I tighten bark.
I direct ice cubes.
I spit staples.
I hum rail ties.
I exhale pitchforks.
I finish sequins.
I embroider graphics.
I gestate canyons.
I perpetuate iron.
I stitch toothpicks.
I sever barbed wire.
I invite acid.
I embrace helicopters.

Interesting, isn't it? Free association without pause, just write write write. I didn't even look at my word list except for the first two, to kick it off.

I'm loving this book. A poet I want to read is Walt Whitman -- never have, except for a few excerpts. Also Mary Oliver - I see her listed on SO many of the blogs I read every day.

I need to bathe and go to bed, sleep off this Friday Funk. David is sleeping in his room; Bobby just left to go to Kevin's basketball game. I did a fast art piece which I want to turn into mail art, just goofing around, experimenting with stencils and sketches.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... g'night, y'all!


Veronica said...

what you are going to sleep without answering my email? oh no you don't lol

are you ready???? the NOTEBOOK!!!! I cried and I cried and I cried more. oh my god andyou know noah and allie? Walt was one of noah's favorite poets. That was the best best best. I went and got the book today and read the whole darn thing. have a good night sweetie