Friday, December 21, 2007

Sheldon and May

See the duo of frolicing figures up high, on the left? They do me the great (& much-required) honor of posing for me so I have some small notion of how in the heck to draw a figure, how things overlap or bend, proportions, and all of the above. Since I name just about everything, of course I had to baptize these two as well. Hence, please allow me to introduce Sheldon (the taller, somewhat more tan one on the left), and May, ever so slightly more diminuitive. Sheldon? straight out of the movie 'When Harry Met Sally' (& I'm not going to 'splain --- you'll have to watch the movie to get it, but it has something to do with 'him' missing some obvious anatomical parts). May is just a name I've always loved and want to say more often, no other reason.