Monday, December 3, 2007

Sunday journal pages go on ...

"Spanish Flower" - this is my favorite model in the Boston Proper catalogs (also my favorite clothes on the planet). I think she's stunning - but I don't know her actual nationality.
"Threadbare" - I've had this image for ... wow ... 2 years? It reminds me of the kind of thing Anthropologie does for window displays, and it makes my fingers itch to touch it (texture ho' that I am!) I added the strips of masking tape so I'd have a clearer surface for journaling.
"French Friends" - the Bella stamp is from Veronica; the receipt pages from my job (they don't use them anymore and were going to pitch several tablets of them!), the rest is hand-painted papers. Kevin actually did the paper with all the dots on it.
"Latte Girl" - handpainted papers again, and a small coffee filter in the lower right for tucking in my journaling. Also used some of my faux postage.
"Love Her Face" - I adore this woman's face, I want to drink it with a straw! Look at how joyous she is! Look how lovely her wrinkles are! Look at the richness in her eyes! The little Hawaiian vignette is self explanatory.
San Gimignano - from a photo I took in Italy, in my favorite little hilltop fortress town, printed on labels, fooling around. Also did a photoshop torture on a photo of poppies then printed it on labels as well. At first I was going to make this a card for my bro', Cam, but I liked it too much! It opens so I have plenty of journaling room. The other part is a leftover from spray-painting attempts.
Censor - just an idea, liked the colors, wanted to try adding rings with lids dipped in acrylic paint, also wanted to use some more of the business envelope windows.