Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pages Bloomin'

I was thinking about travel when I made this, how enriching it is, how much more so because I was an open slate, no expectations, just a quivering head-to-toe mass of gratefulness to be -- wherever I was: Paris, Monet's Garden, the Eiffel Tower, Venice on a gondola, eating spicy rabbit & a salad of fresh tomatoes in Siena, touching the well in San Gimignano whose sides are worn into a network of grooves by the ropes used over the centuries to lower the buckets down in, sitting quietly at sunset on the balcony of a Tuscan villa, bartering, in Spanish!, for a beautiful silver & turquoise bracelet in Puerto Penasco, choosing fresh shrimp from a fisherman's catch to grill for dinner on the beach. The doors? For me, it means Go! Go thru, open, YES!!! Same with the spices: new flavors, new thoughts, new places, new people, new ideas, CHANGE!
Not so long ago, Mom and I visited my bros out on the west side, and Miss Ciera was learning to hoola-hoop. I'm thinking most of you can imagine the FUN we had -- watching her, doing it ourselves (badly badly badly!) -- giggling like mad! The picture of the woman with the hoola-hoop reminded me; the page feels like that afternoon did. The lemon label is from Veronica and has waited for the exact place to live -- lemons are my favorite thing (my kitchen theme will be lemons after its retexturing, painting, somewhat-makeover). Lemons make me as happy as hoola-hooping with my mom, my brothers, and my niece! 100% about visualizing. Pathways thru trees are a recurring motif in my dreams; I always clip any pictures of them that I find.


Veronica Rosenshein said...

Once again totally amazing pages. I just love looking at all your journal pages. These are amazing.