Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday's process (in which Sheldon lives to pose again)

All alley cats, even Piccaso-esque gatos, derive queer pleasure from knocking alley trash can lids OFF the alley trash cans. Hence, a lid for my alley trash can is mandatory. The lid is done - not bad, I like it! Run, Sheldon! RUNNNNNN! It's off to the toaster oven for youse two's. Sheldon returns, drawn to witness the horror he nearly experienced. Oh. My. God. "That could've been me!" Hard to see, but this baby was smokin!!!! Not only does polymer clay shriek when it's being smashed in the pasta machine, it stinks when it's being toaster-ovened. PPPPPPUUUUUUUUUUU. Zoe had to cover her nostrils with her pawlets. Sheldon looks on from a safe distance. "Better you than me, Brother."
Ah, glaze, balm for crispy-clay skin. [Question: if one uses Sculpey-brand glaze on Fimo-brand polymer clay, will there be an explosion? We're about to find out. -- Nope, it's all good, I'm still here with all digits intact.] I really like the burned areas of the can - actually helps it look as if it's lived in an alley for some time. Two trees' worth of paper later, a sketch I'm happy with. That has been duly fitted to the canvas dimensions. That actually resembles a cat. Have to darken the main lines of the cat's shape, so I can overlay my fabric and see through it. She overlays the muslin and traces the paper outline. That way I don't have to sketch it twice. Whew. Horrors! It's official, the outline is in the hoop. I've been in denial this whole time, but now I really have to put this vision together, don't I? [I need a drink.] [And a sewing needle with a VERY large eye or I'll never get it threaded.] Let the sewing begin. [Nothing makes me feel more physically-challenged than needle, thread & fabric. Darn these artistic visions, anyway!] A "piece of tail" takes on an entirely new meaning here.