Friday, December 7, 2007

Buenos Aires Visitor

I noticed, a couple of days ago, that I had a visitor on my blog from Buenos Aires, Argentina. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUENOS AIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come back!! Come BACK!!!! Leave me a comment, leave me your email address, even if you hate my blog! I have wanted a pen pal in 3 places since I was 5 years old: France, Buenos Aires, and Norway.

I have 25 million questions for you! You can write to me in Spanish and I'll do my best to answer in same!!! I'll trade you USA ephemera for Argentinian ephemera if you're an artist! Please! Por favor!!!! Do you want pictures of the Grand Canyon? I can do that! A cacti garden? Absolutely? A coyote pelt? Well ... maybe not a coyote pelt, cuz I happen to love coyotes ... but I'll get you one of those paperweights with the scorpion in it, and an Arizona keychain with your name on it!

COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Veronica said...

you are so funny.... don't you love this new widgit. We can see where everyone is from I am loving it. So are you going to let me post my clipboard or do I have to wait?

Toni said...

You can post it, just tell me what you call the entry and I won't read it.