Friday, December 21, 2007

Bella Palace

Please allow me to introduce my extended family -- the Bella's! Unlike Veronica, who has all of them (& consequently has become a shareholder in the Bella company-ha!), I've been much more selective about which Bellas have joined my family. I only have one more that I want, Bookwormabella, and then I think all my personality nuances will be fully represented! I asked Veronica to make me a larger home for my Bellas because they were bursting out of the original Bella condo she made for me. I asked, too, for orange -- do you ever just CRAVE a color, like suddenly it's the most necessary thing on earth, more than chocolate or diet coke with lime? Ok, there ya go, that's what it was with the orange! Veronica is a wizard -- she constructs these gorgeous tins and boxes and pails and notice! Nary a stray glue slug mark (unlike Toni).This is the original Bella condo Veronica made for me, which I love and from which I shall never part company. For now, it has become the home of the emotionally unpredictable Pregabella, her daisy dress she intends to fit back into 6 weeks after delivery, and her ever present cup o'decaf Ghiradelli java!

The Bella family, all moved in to their new Bella Palace. As we speak, Chefabella is preparing beef stroganoff, apple pie and possibly some grilled asparagus for a celebratory dinner! Veronica, you're invited!