Wednesday, December 19, 2007

From the 'Hood

What does your neighborhood have to offer on closer inspection? I am venturing forth into mine, one block at a time, the Muthacam in hand, and seeing what I can see. Lots of looking down, looking up, looking sideways -- not so much straight ahead. I must appear as if I'm untwisting some major kinks in my neck as I stroll along! These are the best of about 25 shots today. I wonder which way I'll decide to go tomorrow! I'm a fiend for grasses, particularly those that remind me of dune grass. If I could, I'd landscape a section of my yard in varying grasses then put an adirondack chair in the middle and become part of the wind-waves through their tips. I love the sound! The movement! The colors when the grasses are backlit. A corner of a grate over an irrigation/drainage overflow, beautifully rusted, gorgeous patina. Decided to shoot black and white here. By far the most photogenic subject of my digi-walk today. I am in awe of these colors, the drape of the leaves like crystals from a chandelier. Reminds me of the washed colors in Anthropologie catalog layouts. Kind of a mod palette and yet also reserved, distressed. Broken piece of a palm trunk. Usually I see the coils and wisps of palm fronds more than an actual bit of a trunk. The softest rose, lilac, and linen colors, like an ancestor's shawl retrieved from an attic trunk, frail but still delicately threaded, or the frayed pinstriped lining of a gentleman's vest. I love the lines - like a botanical grid. Like all cacti, not something you wanna land in butt-first! The tips of each of these arms comes to a very decisive point! Thanks for the warning!


Veronica Rosenshein said...

wow, I never knew you could do all that with that camera? great job