Saturday, December 29, 2007

My First Swap

Very recently, Patty at posted a news flash to RUN to IKEA for this wrapping paper. Well, I did, sprinted more like. But they didn't. Have it, that is. So I had some friends in high places check the IKEA stores in their areas -- nope. And (scandal!) the paper isn't available on-line from IKEA's website. (Yes indeedy, they heard from me about that. I should think the problem will be fixed by next year.) So ... I ordered some other wrapping papers and then thought hey! Maybe Patty would like to trade me some of her IKEA paper for some of this paper. I sent her pictures of the papers I'd ordered, and her email came back YES! Well, then I couldn't stand it -- MY FIRST SWAP IS A GO!!! I blasted through every crevice, nook and cranny of my studio looking for the coolest of the cool stuff I have, and ended up with such a pile I decided not to wait for the other paper to arrive before sending all this off to Ms. Patty. A 1940's issue of Etude music magazine. Homemade marbleized coffee filters. And the little binder from our Villa in Italy that held stationary and, each day, to which would be added information sheets about whatever little town we would be visiting, historical info, and recipes. Patty's journal pages give me visions and mental vistas every bit equal to the beautiful landscapes and sights I saw in Italy. Zoe's paw [Studio Inspector, on the job thru rain or sleet or 8 yards of packaging tape]. Papers from a little journal/paper shop in Florence, Italy. If ever there was a shop where I could lose my entire livelihood in a matter of 8 seconds, it would be there. Journals, handmade papers, fountain pens with inks in every color of the rainbow, handmade silhouette cards. Eesh. Blimey. Shite. Really a place that makes me covet the last name Trump. Or Winfrey. Wallpaper sample, wrapping papers. Some homemade paper, more wrapping paper, another wallpaper sample. Not vintage, alas, which is what Patty loves. But believe me, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for that everywhere I go now. Scores from work -- funky fencing graphics, samples of fence mesh fabrics and weaves, a sketch on a sheet of vellum blueline. For those 'Asian' days. My Mojo had me going Asian last night, so I had all this stuff spread out anyway. Includes a couple sheets of Asian comic strips. I love 'em, I cut 'em apart though and use individual boxes in my journal. Those came from my bud Suz, who is my source for my kookier rubber stamps. Funky receipts, message sheets, a huge envelope from Germany just covered in stamps, stuff like 'dat. Copies of a) a mail art piece of mine (top left) and some of my favorite postage stamps from my collection, bottom two enlarged. Copies of some of my homemade marbleized papers. Small envelope ... ... but fully loaded! [Meanwhile, will somebody please tell that human to run! to the nearest nail salon for a full set. LOOK at those fat fingers!] I was thinking of using about 10 yards of packaging tape on each envelope, but Patty might not appreciate my sense of humor where that goes. This should keep her plenty busy. And bam - 5 yards of packaging tape later! I'm off to the post office.


patty said...

OMG, this looks so great.

Veronica said...

okay so now I am so jealous... na...just kidding. looks great though but what would you do with wrapping paper?

Toni said...

V, the wrapping paper gets cut into much much smaller pieces and used in journals. Check out Patty's site (it's on my daily reads list). On the right side she has a special section you can click on to see a slide show of scrap pages. That's one reason for the swap -- there is no way in the world to use all of even a single sheet of wrapping paper before I'm tired of it, and Patty feels the same way.