Thursday, December 27, 2007

Under Construction

When I first started my blog, I didn't think for one minute I'd keep doing it -- I was just trying to shut Miss V up (sorry, V!) Now that I realize I love it, I'm starting to really think about how I want it to look, its content and purpose and 'structure'.

Be prepared for some changes in the next few days. Now you might see it, then it could just as quickly be gone! I'm learning how to do all this ... no, stop Toni -- that's a lie. I can't lie to you. Well, it's not a TOTAL lie, but for the most part, Veronica is helping me rebuild, re-format, etc., from way off yonder in Virginia Beach. [It SUCKS being technologically challenged.] And my blog consultant, Wog [aka my brother Cam - my blog Wog, Wog-on-the-Blog], continually finds wonderful ways for me to tweak the layout and appearance, so I'll be incorporating his recommendations as they come in.

Do you have any suggestions? Now's the time!


Veronica said...

okay here is the deal.... the red garden one is not allowing words I need you to pick out another one. oy vey

then we will do the changing and fix your photo.

soon folks soon you will see changes