Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Cat Made Me Do It

I received a catalog 4 days ago from some place I'd never heard of, but in it I found this skirt. Oh, I slobbered, I gasped, I clapped my hands, and I coveted it. But I'm a thrift-store shopping junkie - I LOVE the hunt, the search, and I'm really good at it. And spending money on new stuff I just point at on a virtual catalog page doesn't give me that same adrenalin rush. Still I'm realistic enough to accept that finding something like THIS skirt at a thrift store is pretty rare.

And then, today, I finished sewing and stuffing that mess of a cat.

And crying. And trying not to give up on him. And crying some more.

So then to distract myself, I paid ALL my bills, and (amazingly) there was actually some money left. And I was still crying. And the skirt was already 30% off, and there was a first-time-buyer coupon for another 40% off.

Yea, I ordered it. Only the color I chose is this soft soft mocha brown, maybe 2 shades darker than the shoes on this model in the picture. And with all the discounts, it was so cheap I decided to splurge and pay for expedited shipping, and I still didn't spend $20. I'll have it Wednesday (due to the holiday).

Ok, I'm still crying - I'm not the kind of girl who is 'cured' by shopping - just baths, back rubs, and good books. But now I feel a surge of The Little Engine That Could vibes about that cat ...

'I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ... '


Veronica said...

Ack I love it and I think I will love the mocha color even more. I couldn't wear that in a million and fifty pounds. My arse would stick out a mile they would be sticking a red triangle flag on my backside if I wore that skirt but it is adorable.

Toni said...

Shoot, V, these skirts are MADE for women with J-Lo booties. I almost didn't order it because I have such a flat bum. I bet it'd look fabulous on you. Never underestimate a voluptuous boom-boom as an asset for (& beneath) clothing. I kid you not.


Anonymous said...

The skirt is very unique... I kind of like it ....but I would prefer beige :)

Anyway, I like your blog, honestly. Thought I should tell you this. :D