Monday, December 31, 2007

New Sewing Box (Gift from Cam)

Ooh, keys. Shiny, old-fashioned shaped skeleton keys. I love old fashioned skeleton keys! What, oh what, might these lovelies unlock? This was my Uncle Dave's humidor. Uncle Dave's doctor recently restricted Uncle Dave from further cigar smoking. (I really should send Uncle Dave a sympathy card). Uncle Dave sent the humidor to my brother, Wog (AKA Cam). Cam is trying to quit smoking, also. What to do with Uncle Dave's humidor, then? The last time Mom and I were over at Cam and Chris', Cam walked out of his bedroom with this, saying, "Can either of you use this?" Well, duh! I had my greedy mitts out before he finished the sentence - Mom didn't stand a chance! I'd been looking at sewing boxes for 2 months, gagging on the prices at Joann's, and gagging on the interior stains/condition of the used ones at thrift stores. So yea, I can use this! The Universe gives again! Open sesame. Isn't it cool?! The top tray lifts out entirely. I love the feel of the wood in my hands. And I do love that smell! But alas, I will need to clean it out, then AIR it out, because while I may love the smell of cigars, I don't want that smell to permeate my sewing thread. Zoe knows prime real estate wshen she sees it. She interned for Donald Trump, dontcha know. Ok, she didn't actually, but she could have. She's smart enough, she's got the 'eye' for the DEAL.