Thursday, December 6, 2007


It's all of ten minutes to seven and I'm head-dropping here at my studio desk. Zoe's been passed out in my lap for 20 minutes. I think I'm going to surrender and call this a Sleep Night -- shower and bed, poste haste. And tomorrow is Friday -- I have never said on this blog how much I detest Fridays. They are my Kill Day at work, everyone saving everything for the last day, which also happens to be the day I run payroll. Payroll isn't difficult but requires undivided attention, already hard to accomplish with ringing phones and lobby traffic, let alone my suddenly-needy work associates. I don't post on Fridays, even if I have something GREAT. When I get home, I usually go directly to bed without passing go, without collecting $200, all snarly & emotional. I've tried visualization, I've tried prayer, I've tried humor, I've tried combinations of all of the above, I've even tried not giving a crapola, but Fridays is Fridays and man! They rough up my fur and whoop my bippy. Sigh. Ta ta for now, then, and a chocolate pawlet wave from the Zoe.


Veronica said...

okay so your header threw me off lol

but now I get it...