Thursday, December 20, 2007

Poemcrazy - Toni's Homework

I now have about 2,000,782 "word tickets". [Actually, what I have are 10 or 11 sheets of words in columns, random, unsorted, words words words (I keep lists at work all day long, then type them up and print them).] Last night I decided to try some of the prompts in my Poemcrazy book, prompts such as I am ___________ ... then let it go/flow from there, or pick up another prompt like I dream ___________. Then I just close my eyes, flip my sheets around, & poke my pencil down on a page. I have to use whatever word my pencil lands on. It is just hilarious! Surprisingly, all happenstance aside, what I ended up with actually suits me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I am a metro harbor,
glaring institute input &
outlaw liberties, gathering
vampires of plundered minutiae,
& convincing enclosures.
Balance dusts my trousers, &
delirium embellishes my stampede.

I signify:
whispered research,
mandarin ruffles, &
wheat language.

I dream in cavorting pivots &
threaded cumbias.
No container is safe.
No monotone scale can
measure my saunter.
No amateur capsule can
drug my needles.
My jaws mimic whiskey & melt hems.

Alone, gradual, panasonic, opaque --
call me your opium giblets.

Sneeze! Bow! Point or ridicule --
I drink bleach & belch crust &
you are no challenge, with
your stewed embers & simmering germs.

I am:
an iodine imprint,
a sweatshirt poet,
a costumed dogwood.
My clothes are chalk & disguise.
Ask me a question.
Tell me a rhyme.
Call me leaven,
badge me wayward.
I have hallelujah flesh &
a majesty cast in fangs.
So uncrimp your filtered wrapper
& show me
a bayou arabesque --

then maybe, just maybe,
we'll feast on honeyed tangos
in an a la carte arena,

My very favorite lines/images are:
'Balance dusts my trousers';
'call me your opium giblets';
'a bayou arabesque'; and
'I drink bleach & belch crust'