Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Patio Perch

I didn't 'stage' this shot, as you can tell by my bee-yoo-ti-mus Hefty bag & empty soda cans awaiting recycling on the right, but this is where I sit every morning and evening to write in my journal. I sit on the concrete bench, not in the chair, and spread out my journal and pens and soda. I wanted Veronica to see this, so she can envision me at my writing post. Mom bought me this marble-topped cafe table some time ago, and trust me, I DO pretend I'm sitting at one of the Paris cafes where I did actually write in my journal, sipping a 'capu' (capuccino) and people-watching. I went to the same cafe every morning, Cafe de Temples, across the street from our intimate little hotel on the Rue de Temples. I stayed 1 or 2 hours, writing, but also attempting to talk with them, to the point where the owner & her son soon recognized me, and just waved me to my window-front table then brought me my capu, along with the extra sugar containers I always asked for. On our last night in Paris, Mom and I invited our wonderful travel agent, Michelle, to dinner there, and the owner brought out the whole pot full of chocolate dessert we ordered, just plunked it down in the middle of our table and let us take spoonful after spoonful until we were gorged and purring! I sent them a thank you card when we returned, with photos we took of ourselves with them. I would love to go back there - the kitchen was about the size of a very small closet, but the food was savory, unique, and served with friendliness and panache!