Thursday, December 13, 2007

My New Secret (sorta) Crush

The lusciously rugged Javier Bardem. All of a sudden, he's turning up again in bunches of back-to-back movies, but the one that hooked ME was 2003's The Dancer Upstairs. Senor Bardem was awesome, of course, in Before Night Falls [2000], but the character, Agustin, in The Dancer Upstairs -- wowza. An editorial review from Amazon: This taut political thriller set in Latin America marks John Malkovich's explosive directorial debut. Academy Award nominee Javier Bardem (Best Actor, 2000 - Before Night Falls) stars as legit policeman Agustin Rejas, who faces the greatest challenge of his career - to catch the leader of a terrorist movement threatening to collapse his government, while being stopped at every turn by his own corrupt superiors. As the fight becomes more ferocious, Rejas' search brings him ever closer to the guerrilla leader. But when, amidst the chaos, he falls in love with his daughter's ballet teacher (Laura Morante), Rejas must choose between his heart, his country, and his own well-being.


Veronica Rosenshein said...

He's alright...... but you got

Now George Clooney we are talkin!!!!!!!!!!

or even brandon frazier woo hoo

Melissa Garcia said...

He was also in Grey's Anatomy as Danny duket. The heart transplant patient that Izzy Stevens falls madly in love with.