Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Few Cute Random Shots

Yes, indeed, as a matter of fact I DO know the location, size and shake-factor of every single present under this tree which has the name Ciera on it. [photo by Unk Cam]
Ciera originates 211 reasons daily why she must, really MUST, be allowed to open 'just one present, Daddy, just one, I mean it.' [photo by Unk Cam]
Ciera, snagged by Daddy, flipped upside down, and tickled 'til she's shrieking! Talk about contagious giggling! [photo by Unk Cam]
Don'tcha just love 'love'? This is Chris and his lady, Beth -- ai, those two! If they aren't snuggling, then one is sitting in front of the other -- they trade off back massages for hours. I'm so jealous!
Cam and Chris' cat, Prince, in his laundry hamper hammock! (Normally, once the Christmas tree is erected at their house, Prince sleeps under the tree and only emerges for a snack and a quick poo. They call him 'The Yule Cat'. [photo by Cam]And here is Miss Zoe, wondering when she'll be officially introduced to the handsome Prince.