Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Farm

These are photos of the farm my Grandpa Andy and Grandma Lydia owned/operated in Nebraska. The aerial shot is from 2001; two are of the livingroom and one of Grandpa's den, after my grandparents died and the house was emptied, the auction took place, etc. My grandmother was so proud of her livingroom!


Veronica said...

I always hate it when your past is sold at auction. Do you have anything from the homestead? It looks so comfy and a place I would love to be.

Toni said...

I have a packet of my grandpa's letters, some tupperware of my grandma's, my grandma's dishes for her formal diningroom, a pair of grandpa's overalls, 3 of those glass bulb things they used to put over electric fences from my grandpa's desk (he used them for paper weights), some bits of harness, a keychain. Most of the 'good stuff' is memory, because I spent TONS of time out at that farm, including entire summers.