Thursday, September 20, 2007


If I did some modification of one of these thread racks, I could easily hang a few sheets of paper at a time. Just a couple small pieces of dowel? some sort of picture-hanging hooks screwed into the wall, with anchors sunk in to hold the weight? Nails, for crying out loud?
This other thing, a clamp that goes along the entire edge of the paper, is something I dreamed, but I've seen them before at art stores. I'd want it hinged, so it's like a swing arm and I can move the paper out or swing it back flat on the wall. [what about weighting the bottom of the paper, so it stays flat while I'm working? another hinged arm like the top one?] -- I like fast and inexpensive but functional solutions. I do NOT need to spend a jillion dollars on fancy stuff to make an idea like this work. I'll bet when I do my next walk-thru at Savers and Good Will, I'll see something that will solve this for me, either in the way they've got their stuff displayed, or in some object laying there awaiting a buyer.