Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Though Bobby and I are still up to our necks with repairs/upgrades/painting the exterior of our house, we are starting to mentally move indoors, starting with the livingroom. I found a vase at the 99-cent store (yes, I mean it) that finally closed the debate in my mind on what colors to use. I'll try to remember to bring it and scan it, but meanwhile: the base color is a brown so deep it almost seems to have an eggplant sheen within. There is an abstract circular design which includes a soft brown/tan/khaki (I haven't been to a paint store in time to provide the 'color'- grin!) But the circles also have a deep brilliant red, and a soft soft lilac. I showed it to Bobby & 'splained: "OK, the color of the walls will be this tan/khaki color, the loveseat & one of the recliners will be the deep chocolate-y brown, and the other recliner will be the crimson color." [... I've wanted a crimson leather recliner since I first saw it in a Pottery Barn catalog about 3 years ago, now.] "And the lilac and reds will also provide accent colors by way of pillows, maybe lilac window sheers, who knows?" Bobby loved it! Granted, we are a million miles away from achieving this, but I am a disciple of the School of Visualization, so it's critical for my mental processes to start collecting images. Yesterday I had some time, so I browsed furniture stores on-line (Copenhagen needs to adopt me, I mean it), and finally came up with these photos from the La-Z-Boy site ... either I like the shape, the color, the legs, or the fabric (individually, not combined!) -- and the coffee tables are THE ONES! I'd like to go to a La-Z-Boy showroom and see if these fabrics actually contain 'lilac' or 'blue' -- it's tough to tell from the pictures. La-Z-Boy's site doesn't give the pricing (as does Copenhagen), so I didn't have the automatic mental shut-down I experienced slobbering over the Copenhagen furniture.