Thursday, September 13, 2007

Travel Habit

This picture was taken in Florence by one of our tour guides, Jeff Anderson, a cool, hilarious, intelligent travel companion with a wicked, wicked sense of humor!

Mom and I have determined that, henceforth, she and I will find and ride a carousel everywhere we go. We both love them -- one of the highlights of our trip to Paris was a chilly, overcast Wednesday when we took the lift to the 3rd level of the Eiffel Tower and found ourselves alone there, buffeted by crosswinds and occasional raindrops. After we descended, we crossed the boulevard and rode the carousel there, twice, changing our 'rides' each time, and as we rode, the clouds sped away and the sun backlit a rain-rinsed sky the color of still, quiet water in a backyard fountain - grey-violet-blue. Then we sat on the bench nearby and shared a coke and gasped at the truly grease-darkened condition of a very plump pigeon who waddled at our feet, hoping for cotton candy I think.


Veronica said...

OH my gosh I so wanna go too....
This is so have been to places I have only dreamt of.