Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yearlong Crush

One year ago today, I bumbled across this photograph on Google while trying to find some sort of 'cowboy' picture with which to tease one of the crew guys here at work. I never got past this picture. I have this picture at home saved on my home computer, saved here on my office computer, printed out on the inside cover of my current journal, framed over my studio desk, and it's also the picture I used in my very first (& so far only) attempt at hand-carving a rubber stamp. I am in LOVE with this vaquero, from his mustache and angled cheekbones, to his easy, confident posture astride that horse, to his well-muscled, yet lean arms & gorgeous skin, to his delicious & amazing abdomen narrowing into those well-worn jeans, that strong capable looking hand on his thigh. oofda, wowza, ohmigod, shite, blimey and holdmeback! I've even named him, AND he's starred in more than one journal entry & daydream, but I'm not divulging those secrets! Let's just say there AIN'T a lot of conversation.

Hey, leave me alone, I've had a rather rough couple of weeks, so I'm whipping out all The Big Guns in order to cheer myself and reverse this depression: Fried Green Tomatoes, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and my one, my only, secret crush!