Monday, September 24, 2007

Baby Toni (by request)

Veronica asked to see baby pictures of me -- voila! Of course I started with pictures of me as a baby mermaid (ha!) Seriously, I was a water girl from day 1. My mom had to fish me out of a neighbor's pool at age 18 months -- she was doing dishes and watching me out of the window, saw me just walk purposefully over to the neighbor's yard and jump right in. Mom is the adult in these pictures.

To the left, we have young Miss Toni at Easter, in Maryland, then in Dad's old VW and another shot, both of the latter two taken in Carter Lake, Iowa. And directly above, we have Miss Toni in curlers, with puppies, dashing thru the sprinkler with my twin brothers in our front yard in Omaha, Nebraska, and in the Ankeny, Iowa pool whilst visiting my paternal grandparents. Top left and bottom right photos taken in Maryland, I do believe.


Veronica said...

OH my god Oh my god....I Love these photos of you. These are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh to have been little girls together. Toni these are just precious.