Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fried Green Tomatoes

My entire family loves this movie. If one of us stumbles across it on a cable channel, you can bet by next commercial break, all of us who are in the house are piled on the couch watching it with each other. It contains every theme close to my heart, from the time period in which it's set (the Idgie/Ruth portion), to the rural community, the close-knit women, the rebel girl (Idgie - who would be me) who is the great storyteller, Ruth whose quiet but determined demeanor I admire. Also, I love Jessica Tandy AND Kathy Bates, who don't make a wrong move in either of their roles in this movie. But I don't want to do a review. I'm saying that this is a movie that is saturated with all the good things I need when I'm coccooned into a mental mess (as I have been the last 2 weeks). And I told Miss Veronica that I wanted her to promise me she and I would do the food-fight scene with each other. I've watched that scene and collapsed into tears, yearning for a friendship like that again (I've had it, in the past, so yes, I know what I'm missing). Veronica and I have it but we are long distance soul sisters who have never met, so when we finally do, look out! [the image of the fried green tomatoes is from


Veronica said...

lol this is so funny of course but it better be good food. I just love this movie and the friendship they have. You are so right we do have a frienship just like that.