Thursday, September 20, 2007

Salsa and Scialfa

I just googled 'salsa' and 'pico de gallo' ... these were some of the lovely images which appeared. I've been hungering for and hankering to make a salsa other than my usual, which, although beloved and much requested, I am SICK of. However, I never tire of the ritual of salsa-making -- shopping first, hand-selecting each chili pepper, the cilantro, the sweet white onion, for basics. I always sit at the small round table in our kitchen, and play Patti Scialfa's 'Rumble Doll' cd. I love the feel of my glass cutting board under my knife, the music playing, and I'm usually sipping on either a new flavor of tea, or my stand-by raspberry.
I don't use any kind of food processor or device. I slice and dice everything by hand, crying when I do the onion, making sure not to rub my eyes after the jalapenos (which I never seed), pulling the cilantro leaves off the stems one-by-one before scoring them to bring out their flavor.
It's too relaxing to bring technology or fancy kitchen gadgets into it, and I love singing along with that CD. My sons know most of those songs by heart, too, because I've been playing it since it was released [1993][Kevin was 2, David was 6], mostly in my vehicle when I drove them to/from daycare-then-school. All three of us can sing 'Big Black Heaven' together, still, to this day, and David will occasionally borrow the CD to listen to when he does his homework.