Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Guess What I Decided?

Thanks to the oatmeal warming my stomach and those blessed pink pills, I said, 'Point that truck up the mountain, Double BB!' Definitely the right decision! It's impossible to really see it from this picture, but oh! my! gawd!!! The cloud cover had knelt down and dropped its skirts all through the valleys of the mountain roadways we were climbing up toward Jerome. We came around one corner and directly INTO THE CLOUDS. We both gasped, there was no preparation for how beautiful it was, like an opaque net sewn with an infinite number of prisms or crystals or diamonds, backlit by the sun, and moving! We pulled over first chance we got (where I attempted both of these shots knowing full well I couldn't grab that sensation). But outside the truck, we held still and the clouds moved through/around/past us, as if a hand were pulling a piece of silk over our skin, slowly, exquisitely. Later, on the ride home, Bobby and I agreed that this was THE singular spectacular moment of the entire weekend.


Veronica said...

OH my god this is breathtaking. I am so glad you made that choice. This is beautiful

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