Monday, September 24, 2007

Motel 6 Foliage

I have this little Canon 36 mm camera that shoots Advantix film ... well, it's what I have and it's ALL I have -- and I'm still figuring out how to use it. When we went camping over Labor Day, and I had gotten back all those shots, I realized that even when what's in my viewfinder is in focus (close-ups of plants, in particular), what comes out in the print is a blur.
So I tried again, walked the perimeter of the Motel 6 grounds shooting plants, but backing up a little once I thought I had a focused shot. Still got a bunch of missed out on/messed up shots but I got a few I like. These are they! Mom gave us the gift of dinner out at her expense.
Bobby chose Red Lobster, and ate like a pro at their Endless Shrimp fest ... scampi and shrimp alfredo linguini. I wasn't feeling very good, shivering and sniffly ... tried the gumbo but sent it away in a hurry! (blecch), then ate some of Bobby's linguini and a salad and called it quits.
Bobby accompanied me on my photo shoot around the motel grounds but this time he didn't really point any shots out to me, just waited or asked me what it was I was shooting.


Stephanie said...

That is too funny! The same Virginia creeper!!

I'll be back to visit more!


Veronica said...

The all you can eat shrimp fest...I tried last night to get Rick to do it........ lol we ended up at cracker barrel.