Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Confession: I saw this picture on a VERY bad day, got irritated & confrontational with it, muttering & sputtering about 'some women get all the looks!!!'. So in my foul humor, I decided to 'mess' (key word) around with it. Conclusion: no matter what you do to a beautiful woman, you can't make her ugly, cuz the beauty is inside. What I admire about Zeta Jones isn't really how she looks at all, but it took me playing with this picture & working over my own attitude to figure that out. The 'frame' around her is a collage of hand-painted/hand-stamped paper towels, and some pieces of marbleized acrylic paint, a process I made up for myself. The ripped spot on her lip was unintentional - it stuck to the piece on the opposite page (erg).


Veronica said...

YOu know I really like this piece. I love what you did to her. You are so right...you can't make her ugly no matter how you try.

Toni said...

Mom told me I should try to email it to her, her agent, someone -- that she's probably get a kick out of it. hmmmm ... !