Saturday, September 22, 2007

Unsteady Realization

The two people closest to me on the planet, Mom and Veronica, are both on vacation. I took Mom to the airport yesterday morning for her trip to England, and Veronica and Rick left for their mountain retreat Thursday. The silence is already deafening. I told my bro', Cam -- I realized quite suddenly that I don't have any friends except Mom, and Miss V. I'm not a person to have a posse of girlfriends, never have been, but suddenly I'm thinking I need to put some tentacles forth and meet or develop one or two relationships beyond those I'm so dependent on, used to. One of those is Alicia, who worked with me for a little while before moving on ... talk about 1 million things in common! Same age, each of us have 2 sons nearly the same ages, both ardent readers of mostly non-fiction books, both with intense artistic outlets. Also she's WICKED smart, and has a fab sense of humor -- critical attributes for me in any relationship/friendship with anyone! Matter of fact, we've already set tentative plans to go see the Russell Crowe flick, 3:10 to Yuma or something like that (Alicia is a western aficionado, a Clint Eastwood fan to the max!)


Veronica said...

Okay so suddenly I am jealous..........mwah

I am back sweetie and starting at the bottom on your blog to catch up. Tons of fun things are coming your way from our vacation. If I saw something I like I bought two. love you to the max